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Posted by JayBirdNerd - April 11th, 2021

An update on my life cos I don't exactly post my art a ton and, well, why not? I'm bored, you're bored probably, what's it gonna hurt to take a second and read something new, yeah?

around the 20-something-th of last month my hard drive on my last PC bit it, so now I'm stuck waiting on a new computer. In the mean time, though, I have this laptop thats...well to be honest it's not the best. This thing can barely run any games. I got FTL and some small scale pixel games to work, some web browser games work on this thing, but christ does it run hot and lag. I'm actually a bit glad that a PC I kept because I'm a tech hoarder actually paid off in the long run to have.

as for the new computer, I cannot shut the fuck up about it to save my life. I'm beyond hype for this thing, it's a M O N S T E R. It needs a new stick of ram though, but eh for now it's good. It's not gonna be another all-in-one that's for sure, sick of those useless non-modular shits. So, with that, IF YOU HAVE A COMMISSION OUT THROUGH ME, REMIND ME, I CAN'T GET AHOLD OF MY COMMISSION INFO PAPERS OFF MY PC. I've already boxed it up and have no intent of turning it back on for a long long time if that, if you've commissioned me, get up with me.

I've also lowkey gotten into traditional southern sports. Four wheelers are great to ride up into the mountain and into the valley and just vibe out on, you know, until they die on you and leave you stranded. If you guys ever do this, bring snacks and water because depending on how far out you go it's going to be A WALK back.

Anyway, I'm done rambling, if my PC comes in I'll probably update here.



Posted by JayBirdNerd - December 17th, 2018


So, with me moving my art-themed account here, I feel it's obligatory to post my commission info here as well as it was on the other sites. That said, here's the rules, prices, and basics.



  • My prices ARE negotiable, but, I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.  Do not ask for free art. That's like walking into a deli and requesting a free slab of ham. Not happening.
  • NSFW is reserved for 18+, and will cost extra.
  • If you commission me, you don't have to credit me, but please don't claim my art as something you drew. Lying isn't cool man.
  • You will need a reference picture of the character you'd like me to draw, don't come into my DM's expecting me to know automatically what you want.


  • Digital Sketch - 5$ 
  • Flat Color/Lined - 10$
  • Fully Colored and Detailed - 15$


My prices for NSFW commissions are 10$ for simple poses and 15$ for heavily intricate pieces. These prices will be tacked onto the original preferred style of art you'd like. 



Discord - DoctorJay#7558

Twitter - @Superjaytroid

DM Me on either of those, and specify what you'd like. At the moment, I am in the process of relocating my art to a different site, and with that in mind, there isn't much else for you to contact me on. But DO feel free to message me on here as well. I check my notifications regularly. If I don't respond straightaway, feel free to contact me via either of those above.


Posted by JayBirdNerd - December 15th, 2018

Holy shit hello, since every other site is dumb I'm gonna re-vamp my NG account and just start posting my art and shit here if I ever get around to making GOOD or half decent shit.


It also gives me an excuse (read: reason) to dick off in flash now and attempt learning how to animate.